Friday, March 27, 2009

Promo Video Shoot

Here's a recently shot promo for our upcoming series "Vintage Jesus" (obviously based on the book). To acheive this shot without a steady cam, we mounted the camera to two 4' peices of unistrut, and walked it down the path with a guy on either end. After that, we smoothed it a bit in post.

Untitled from Fielder Road Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Response from Action Method

Since I filled out the Non-Profit application late in the day yesterday, I was surprised to see a reply in my inbox first thing this morning. Though it was not the answer I had hoped for, it was still a friendly response. It was as follows:

Hello Todd -
Thanks for your interest in Action Method Online - a revolutionary new action management system for people and teams.
At this time, our nonprofit account request list is very long. As you may know, our team subsidizes one nonprofit user for every paid user that signs up. We have currently allocated the full number of free account requests; however, to accommodate the great amount of interest we have received, the team has created special discount codes (20% off) for certain nonprofit, educational, and religious organizations that contact us. We are pleased to provide you with a code that you can use for up to 10 people: xxxxxxxxx (for monthly plan) or xxxxxxxxx (for annual plan).
All users of this code will also be placed on our list for full subsidies when more become available.
We wish you much productivity as you make great ideas happen.Best,The AMO Team

Not a bad concession. Not hostile. Our team is gonna give it a try.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If you take a look at my desk, you can see that it's a little cluttered. My desk, unfortunately is a window unto my mind. Every scrap paper or gadget represents some undone task that is quietly awaiting my attention.

Right now at our church, we are undergoing a bit of a transformation which will , in the short term, require some major feats of organization and time management. As Easter approaches, we are seeking to be more creative and more thorough than ever before, but with a much smaller staff. We are currently interviewing folks for these very critical positions, but for the time being, I'm just going to have to suck it up and get it done.

Obviously, with creativity as my main objective; having to set stages, obtain bids for system upgrades and interviewing prospective employees pulls me off of my main task. In order to keep things from slipping between the cracks, I've taken some time to research some productivity tools and have a clear front-runner.

by Behance looks to be a very versitile tool that could greatly help lines of communication and prevent oversight among our team. They offer free plans for non-profit organizations, so naturally I filled out an application. I'm not sure how friendly they are to churches - let alone a BAPTIST church, but never hurts to ask. If not, I think I might be able to convince the team that it is worth the price of admission.

I will post the results of my quest for a free Pro account as this could be a great tool for many churches out there.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Innagural Post

This blog, like most aspects of my life, will be completely uninteresting to most. I will use this as a large basin in which to vomit any and all creative ideas that go through my mind. This will also serve as a peek behind the curtain of my professional life.

I am the Creative Director at Fielder Road Baptist Church. We are currently undergoing an identity transformation that will propel us further into the realm of creative worship. My hope is that throughout the next year, followers of this blog will not only see a marked change in the level of creativity coming from me, but more importantly in the level of success in reaching the community through our church.

Enjoy... or hate.